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we thrive.

Partner with leading ABA experts in Virginia, Georgia,

and North Carolina to help your child meet milestones.

How we help

Superior service + ABA expertise are the perfect combo for sparking your child’s growth.

Insurance management
is all on us.

Get swift enrollment, seamless processing, and quick approval.

Assessment helps you
understand your child.

We watch closely to uncover your child’s strengths and challenges.

Telehealth services keep
therapy convenient, always.

Utilize videoconferencing for remote assessment, parent training, and ABA sessions.

Parent training gives you
tools to help your child.

Gain valuable insight from your BCBA to support your child in various settings.

Interdisciplinary coordination
maximizes results.

We collaborate with your child’s service providers for feedback and input.

We’re here for you, wherever you want to meet.

Choose from home or school-based ABA therapy options to coordinate with your preferences and schedule.

Home-based therapy makes
the progress organic.

One-on-one sessions at home, with family support, make therapy comfortable and effective.

School-based ABA therapy
works within the school day.

Our clients thrive with personalized support and structured guidance for better learning outcomes.

Our Approach

We’re a team of experienced BCBAs and ABA therapists focused on partnership.

Pairing with our parents

Meet a dedicated team that’s equipped with data-proven tools, cheering you on every day.

Pairing with our kids

Blending play and learning, we work together to reach meaningful goals.

What is ABA?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a scientific approach to understanding and changing behavior.

Therapists analyze why behaviors occur, break them down into smaller components, and then teach new skills to replace unwanted behaviors. 

By using rewards and modifying the environment, ABA therapy helps individuals with autism

and other developmental disorders improve their behavior and daily functioning.

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Backed by research

We gather and study data to help your child gradually learn skills they can apply in varied situations.

Customized for your child

Emphasizing your child’s strengths, we gently guide them through any behavioral or social difficulties.

Designed to impact for life

Our tailored treatment plans foster positive changes that support your child through adulthood.

Insurance Coverage For ABA

We accept most major insurances.

If you don’t see yours listed, feel free to ask.


We’re looking for ABA specialists like you.

With attractive benefits and a supportive team, 

you’ll enjoy every work day at Perfect Pair ABA.

Competitive Salary

Get the feeling that we appreciate having you on our team.

Flexible Schedule

Find the work-life balance you're looking for in a job.

Professional Development

Thrive in your work and advance your career with us.


Take a break when you need it, and enjoy your time off, stress-free


Invest in your future with our support behind you

Great pairings happen here.

Partner with us for
ABA therapy success.