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Parents, we’re in
this together.

Working with us means combining our strategy + your input to see your child progress. 

Kids, we’re focused
on your growth.

We figure out what you need and use ABA interventions to help you learn and have fun. 

Families, we’re here
to support you.

We listen and find ways to work together and make each day at home better.

Staff, we value
your hard work.

Your feedback, expertise, and enthusiasm drive every success. 

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Our Values

The Perfect PAIR Approach:

Combining compassion, skill and collaboration to nurture success


Our therapists build personal connections with your family, beyond therapy sessions.


Every aspect of your child’s care plan is tailored to meet his unique needs.


We deliver a holistic therapy experience that draws from varied modalities and perspectives.


By consistently tracking progress and tweaking interventions, we achieve valuable goals.

When behavioral challenges get in the way,

Your family needs a fresh start.

We lay the groundwork for a better day, every day.  

Highly qualified therapists
Data-proven techniques
Customized care plans
Constant support
why choose us

Here’s what our families mean
when they say they get quality care:

“This team is really committed.”

Small steps lead to big goals, and we're behind your child all the way there.

“My concerns were
always heard.”

Through ongoing communication, every parent is supported and empowered.

“The therapist takes
pride in my child.”

We work hard to improve life skills and proudly celebrate our milestones together.

“The process was
so smooth.”

Our goal is to make ABA therapy easily accessible to anyone who can benefit from it.

“I feel like my child is
the only client here.”

We customize every aspect of the care plan, working on goals that are important to you.

“Our morning routine is so
much smoother now.”

Results of high quality ABA therapy are tangible and significantly improve daily life.

This is what perfect pair means to us

The 2 sides/lines of the pear, embody the unity of staff and family.
The seeds forming a star at the core signify the child.
The upward-reaching stem symbolizes the transformative growth facilitated by our ABA therapy.
Together, we are Perfect Pair ABA
Great pairings happen here.

Partner with us for
ABA therapy success.

Great pairings happen here.

Partner with us for ABA therapy success.

Call 888-888-8888

Client Testimonial

What Our Clients Say About Us

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